COD WZ Rank Bot Lobby

How to get warzone rank bot lobby guide:
Please make sure how much score you needed.
Under diamond, you can get around 350 score a match.
Above diamond, you can get around 200-350 score a match.
Entered top 250, you can get around 200 score a match.
Attention:Do not shoot until you get off the plane. Or you will be kicked by host.
Attention!!! Important!!!
1. Please be familiar with the location shown in the product pictures bellow.
2. All Players are only allowed to shoot after getting off the plane!
3. Please do not kill anyone in the first 3 minutes. And do not kill anyone in the house before respawn ends.
4. All players are prohibited to kill the bots at the end of the route. Otherwise, the bots cannot be resurrected at the specified location on the map.
5. Do Not Kill other customers running around or hosts who are not seem to be bots. All bots have the same operator for easy identification.
6. Everyone can get points for assists, so please don't kill others randomly.
7. You are allowed to kill the host when the circle is close to the host or when the respawn off.
If the game does not end normally, please don't worry, we will compensate you.

WZ Rank Bot Lobby (Bronze, Gold, Platinum Players)

$ 11.99

WZ Rank Bot Lobby (Diamond Players)

$ 14.99

WZ Rank Bot Lobby (Crimon Players)

$ 17.99

WZ Rank Bot Lobby (Iridescent Players)

$ 29.99